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Domestic Federal architecture was straightforward and commodious: large rectangular two-story wooden buildings with rows of windows, chimneys at both ends and a grandish portal centered in the facade.



With political independence in New England came even more prosperity.

The shipowners and merchants of New England's great maritime ports—Salem MA, Portsmouth NH, and Providence RI, for example—wanted large, comfortable, imposing houses, and local architects gave them just what they wanted in the years following the Revolution.

The famous Charles Bulfinch, who designed the State House (Massachusetts' state capitol), on Beacon Hill in Boston, is New England's most famous Federalist architect.

Lesser-known Samuel McIntire of Salem left his indelible imprint on the older streets of his home town.

In Providence, College Hill boasts many handsome Federal-style houses.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson House,
Concord MA.

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