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After almost four centuries of building, the region has a lot of fine, beautiful buildings.



Colonial style
The colonists built simply and functionally, but these early styles have their own beauty.

Georgian style
Called Palladian in London, the designs of Christopher Wren and Inigo Jones crossed the Atlantic and became Georgian.

Federal Style
Early republican red-brick mansions were sturdy, handsome, functional, and built to last.

Greek Revival
The rage for the classical left fewer buildings in New England than in other states, which makes the remaining ones all the more worthy.

Late 19th-century styles
The Industrial Revolution saw the adaptation of Federal style to the design of huge factories, some a mile long.

20th-century Styles
Eclectic is the word, with a few distinguished skyscrapers (and a few infamous ones).

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Georgian Church & House, Lexington MA

Georgian church and house
in Lexington MA.

All photos ©
Tom Brosnahan


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