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Any big-city transportation system has its pickpockets, and Boston is no exception.



The modus operandi is for a group of four or five such types to ride the trains or buses together so the stolen wallet or purse can be passed from one to the other, thus protecting the one who actually lifted it.

Be wary of people who continually bump people and crowd toward the doors at a stop, and then "decide this must not be the place," and move back in. They'll be carrying coats or raincoats (whatever the weather) to conceal a light-fingered hand and also any prizes they may take.

If you see one in action and challenge him or her, the reaction will be aggressive defense—"Who are you calling a pickpocket?"—and then a quick exit.

If you should be so unlucky as to have your pocket or purse picked, contact the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Lost and Found (the phone number may depend on the subway line or bus you were on).

Try a few days later as well, since wallets are often found, minus cash, and turned in.


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