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Walking around the grounds of Mystic Seaport Museum in fine weather is the first thing every visitor wants to do, but fine weather or foul, there are lots of interesting indoor exhibits to learn from and enjoy no matter what the weather.

Besides the topical exhibits in the recreated Old Mystic Village, there are museum-style exhibits in more modern buildings on the north side of the Mystic Seaport campus.

Voyages: Stories of America and the Sea shows you the entire expanse of American maritime history, from the New World's discover by European mariners through the colonial, revolutionary, clipper ship and whaling eras to the present day.

Illuminating the Sea, in the Mallory Exhibit Hall, features the marine paintings of artist James E Buttersworth (1844-1894), who painted during the golden age of New England's maritime greatness.

Shaefer Exhibit Hall has changing exhibits on themes of America and the sea.

Maritime Gallery features changing exhibits of paintings and other art on maritime themes.

National Rowing Hall of Fame features exhibits on the history of rowing.

The Wendell Building holds Mystic Seaport's outstanding collection of figureheads and similar figurative nautical wood carvings of maidens, legendary heroes and mythical beasts.

Mystic Seaport's Planetarium gives you a new appreciation of the night sky: before the advent of modern navigational instruments, it was the all-important map of the universe that told mariners where in the world they were.

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Salt Cod Exhibit, Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT

An exhibit shows how salt cod "flakes" were made.


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