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A pretty traditional New England town green in the midst of a modern city, it's a central park with an intriguing history.




Once the town's common cow pasture, New Haven Green today is its central park, a pretty traditional New England town green in the midst of a modern city.

The three churches on the green have illustrious heritages of design, for Gothic-style Trinity Episcopal Church (1814-1816) is said to have been modeled somewhat on England's York Minster.

Center Church (UCC) and United Church-on-the-Green (UCC) are both said to have sprung from early plans for London's famous St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

Besides being common pasture land, the Green was New Haven's principal burying ground (cemetery) until severe yellow fever epidemics in 1794 and 1795 produced more burials than it could accommodate. In fct, Center Church was built on a part of the Green that had been a burying ground until 1797. In the church's crypt you can see over 100 of the early gravestones. Guided tours of the church are offered Tuesday through Sunday.

Three blocks northeast of the green is Grove Street Cemetery, America's first chartered burial ground (1797), which received deceased New Haveners after the Green proved inadequate. It's a beautiful final resting place for such eminent New Haven citizens as Eli Whitney, Noah Webster, and Charles Goodyear.

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New Haven Green, New Haven CT

New Haven Green, with its 3 churches.





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