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A tiny town with more antiques than people.

by Tom Brosnahan
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Egremont MA (map) actually consists of two settlements:

North Egremont is a tiny place on MA Route 71, due west of Great Barrington. It has a country store, an inn with a restaurant, and a few houses.

South Egremont, 4 miles southwest of Great Barrington on MA 23 and 41, is a much bigger place, with several inns and restaurants, shops, and churches, and quite a number of antique shops.

All in all, the town has only about 1225 residents, meaning it is still very rural, though the number of people you see here is amplified in summer by inn guests, antique-seekers and, in winter, by skiers going to or from the nearby Catamount Ski Resort. In summer, the traffic to Catamount is for the zip lines in its Aerial Adventure Park.

South Egremont and nearby Great Barrington MA are an antique-lovers' mecca in the Berkshires.

Dutch farmers from the colony of New York founded Egremont in 1722, and English settlers arrived a few years later. In 1761 the town was incorporated into the Massachusetts Bay colony, and people began saving antiques to sell to tourist 250 years later....

Northwestern Connecticut and its lovely town of Salisbury and Lake Waramaug are not far to the south across the state line.

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The Old Mill Restaurant, Egremont MA

The Old Mill, a popular restaurant of longstanding in South Egremont MA.

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