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On the outskirts of Lee are several interesting places:

by Tom Brosnahan
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Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

This premier American summer dance program, founded in a delapidated barn in the Berkshire Hills in 1932, is now among the most important summer dance programs in the USA. It takes place in neighboring Becket, only a few miles from Lee. More...

Santarella, the Gingerbread House

In the tiny village of Tyringham, 5 miles south of Lee along the Tyringham Road is Santarella, a curious thatched cottage built by sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson, who crafted The Minuteman statue in Lexington, Massachusetts, and the Pilgrim Maiden statue in Plymouth. Santarella was Kitson's obsession and life's-work project. It is among the most unusual buildings in the USA. More...

October Mountain State Forest

October Mountain is Massachusetts' largest state forest at 16,500 acres (67 square kilometers). Once the estate of President Grover Cleveland's Secretary of the Navy, the forest now has 47 campsites just outside of Lee, and hiking trails for all levels of skill and mobility. The Appalachian Trail passes through the forest. More...

Other State Forests, Parks & Ponds

The Berkshire Hills are rich in Massachusetts state forests, parks and ponds, some of them only a shor distance from Lee. More...

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Santarella, Tyringham MA

Santarella, the studio of sculptor
Henry Hudson Kitson near Lee MA.

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