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North Adams doesn't have a lot of lodgings, but the ones it has are good.


North Adams, Massachusetts, has a small but satifying selection of inns, hotels and other lodgings.

The Porches Inn at Mass MoCA

The best place to stay in North Adams is the 4-star, 47-room The Porches Inn at Mass MoCA, a row of historic 19th-century factory workers' houses restored to much-better-than-new condition. Located right across the Hoosic River from Mass MoCA (less than 5 minutes' stroll), The Porches has all the comforts of a luxury inn, including heated swimming pool (open summer and winter!), sauna, hot tub, Lobby Bar, breakfast room, free Wifi, etc. More...


Yes, that's the name of the hotel, the newest resort hotel in the area. Tourists is heavily "concept," an updated throwback to Mid-century modern (the 1950s), when that American invention, the motel, was replacing the rent-a-room B&B tourist homes that had welcomed travelers during the first half of the 20th century. The 48 rooms at Tourists are hardly the spartan motel rooms of yesteryear; rather, they're Berkshires luxurious, as is the celebrity-chef restaurant, Loom. The owners of the hotel expect guests to visit the area's four excellent museums (Clark, Williams, MoCA & Bennington), and also to enjoy nature: the resort has 30 acres of its own hiking trails, and views of the Hoosic River. The Appalachian Trail is less tha a mile away, and Mount Greylock looms over the town. More...

North Adams also has a convenient 3-star, 86-room Holiday Inn Berkshires in the city center. More...

Lodging in Wiliamstown MA

There are even more hotels, motels and inns in neighboring Williamstown. More...

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The Porches Inn, North Adams MA

Above, The Porches Inn at Mass MoCA.





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