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Walk up Main Street, walk down to MASS MoCA, and ascend to the summit of Mount Greylock, and don't miss the archeological collection in the Public Library.

by Tom Brosnahan
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Mount Greylock

The summit of Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts, is a 9-mile (14.5-km), 25- to 30-minute drive up a narrow mountain road (closed in winter). If the air is clear and dry, you'll enjoy spectacular 72-mile (116-km) views. A variety of hiking trails lead to the Bascom Lodge at the summit.

According to Harry Potter author J Rowling, the misty summit of Mount Greylock is the location of the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded in the 17th century—not open to muggles. More...

View from Mount Greylock, North Adams, Massachusetts
Enjoying the view from the summit of Mount Greylock.


As you drive through North Adams on MA Route 2, an overpass takes you right above the campus of MASS MoCA (the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), on the north side of the highway. With exhibit space able to display the largest artworks being made, you'll see art here that can't be displayed elsewhere. In summer, there's a full list of concerts and special events as well. More...

Western Gateway Heritage
State Park

With the completion of the 4.75-mile-long (7.64 km) Hoosac Tunnel through the Hoosac Mountains (the second-longest railroad tunnel in the world at the time), North Adams was connected directly to the shipping docks at Boston.

Already rich in water powered factories, North Adams became Massachusetts' Western Gateway, bringing goods and travelers to and from New York state.

The story of the town's 19th-century social, commercial and industrial history is abundantly documented and related at the Western Gateway Heritage State Park beneath the MA Route 8 bridge over the Hoosic River. Go south on MA Route 8 and turn sharp right just at the southern end of the bridge. More...

Natural Bridge State Park

The 48-acre (19-hectare) Natural Bridge State Park on the outskirts of North Adams features the only white marble natural bridge in North America. A walkway takes you above and through the chasm, and a half-mile (800-meter) trail leads through the forest. More...

Other State Parks & Forests

Clarksburg State Forest & Park and several other fine natural reserves are also available near North Adams. More...

North Adams Public Library

Many New England towns are fortunate enough to possess—and preserve—grand 19th-century public libraries built by thoughtful citizens and patrons to be intellectual and educational centers of their communities.

A prosperous 19th-century North Adams citizen built and endowed the fine North Adams Public Library, and today's citizens have preserved this fine public treasure.

Besides its admirable architecture and book collections, it holds ancient Assyrian artifacts brought back from expeditions to eastern Turkey led by North Adams resident John Henry Haynes. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Phoenixes, by Xu Bing, Mass MoCA, North Adams MA

Two of Xu Bing's gigantic Phoenixes fit easily in
the huge space of Mass MoCA, North Adams MA.

North Adams Public Library, Massachusetts

North Adams Public Library

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