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The major tourist attraction in Pittsfield is Hancock Shaker Village, on US 20 west of town.

by Tom Brosnahan
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Pittsfield is the largest town (pop. 47,000) in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, and the county seat of Berkshire County.

Berkshire Museum

Pittsfield's fine art, history and natural science museum, built in 1911, on South Street in the city center near the Colonial Theatre is great to visit on any day, but especially that rainy day when the children want something interesting to do. More...

Colonial Theatre & The Garage

The fine, historic theater (1903) on South Street hosts a variety of musical, theater and cinema events as part of the Berkshire Theatre Group. More...

Barrington Stage Company

Pittsfield's own theater company is the Barrington Stage, presenting classic dramas, musicals, new and experimental works, and youth theater on three stages in the city center just off North Street. More...

Herman Melville's Arrowhead

The house known as Arrowhead (1780) was the home of Herman Melville from 1850 to 1863, some of the author's most productive writing years: Moby-Dick, Pierre, The Confidence-Man, Israel Potter and other works. More...

Hancock Shaker Village

Perhaps the most interesting of Pittsfield's attractions is actually outside the town in tiny Hancock MA: the Hancock Shaker Village. More...

State Parks & Forests

Pittsfield is surrounded by state forests and parks: Mount Greylock State Reservation to the north, October Mountain State Forest to the south, Wahconah Falls State Park to the east, and Pittsfield State Forest to the west. Get into nature! More...

Baseball Started in Pittsfield!

In 1791, the village recorded a by-law against the playing of "baseball" near the meetinghouse (church), the earliest reference ever to the all-American game. Today baseball is still played by local teams in Pittsfield, warmed by the memory.

Hancock Shaker Village

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Herman Melville's Arrowhead, Pittsfield MA

Herman Melville's Arrowhead,
Pittsfield MA.




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