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Williamstown has hotels, motels and inns to north, east and south, as well as right in the center.

by Tom Brosnahan
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Right in the Center

Prime location at the top of the hill near the intersection of MA Route 2 and US Route 7 (map), walking distance to Williams College and the Williamstown Theatre Festival venues, is the 3-star, 125-room Williams Inn. Behind it on its north side is the 3-star, 33-room Northside Motel, a good choice.

Other lodging choices are east, south and north of the town center.

East along MA Route 2

Along MA Route 2 (Main Street) east of the center, toward North Adams, in a commercial district are several good hotels and motels of various price and comfort levels. Starting from the town center:

The closest motel to the town center is the tidy Maple Terrace Motel, with guest rooms at the back away from the busy road.

The 3-star, 17-room Willows Motel is just a bit farther along MA 2 on the north side of the road.

The most luxurious lodgings east of the town center are at the 4-star, 49-room Orchards Hotel, about a mile east of the center on MA Route 2.

Just a bit farther east you'll see the 3-star, 18-room Williamstown Motel, and the 3-star, 35-room Howard Johnson Express Inn Williamstown.

Continue 4 miles (6.4 km) east and you'll be in bNorth Adams, Massachusetts, with its own selection of hotels and inns. More...

South along US Route 7

Along US Route 7 (Cold Spring Road) south of the center are two good choices set in the verdant countryside rather than in a commercial district.

The 5-star, 6-room 1896 House Luxury Inn Williamstown , 1.8 miles (2.9 km) south of the center of Williamstown, is perhaps the most luxurious lodging in the area. If the rates are a bit too high for you, or if it is fully booked (as is often the case), try the adjoining 4-star, 30-room 1896 House Country Motel.

The 3-star, 21-room Berkshire Hills Motel is 2.3 miles (3.7 km) south of the town center, in quiet country.

North along US Route 7

The thriftiest lodging choices are north of Williamstown along US Route 7 (Sand Springs Road), good especially if you plan to continue to Bennington or other places in Vermont.

The 2-star, 12-room Cozy Corner Motel, 1.6 mile (2.6 km) north of the town center, is among the thriftiest of Williamstown's lodgings. Just north of it, the 1-star, 13-room Villager Motel is often even cheaper, and still comfortable. The 2-star, 17-room Green Valley Motel Williamstown is very near the Vermont border.

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Williams Inn, Williamstown MA

The Williams Inn, Williamstown MA.

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