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The Busch-Reisinger collection includes famous works by Beckmann, Kandinsky, Klee, Klimt, Kokoschka and others, once housed in Adolphus Busch Hall.



The Busch-Reisinger Museum of central and northern European art used to be housed in Adolphus Busch Hall, a little Teutonic gem of a building complete with clock tower at 29 Kirkland Street, corner of Quincy and Kirkland Streets, just north of Memorial Hall (map).

The collection has been moved from there to the Harvard Art Museums. More...

However, Adolphus Busch Hall continues as a gallery for medieval sculpture, plaster casts, and architectural fragments, and is open to the public on Wednesdays 1pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 10am to 2pm. It's
closed on major holidays.

The adjacent garden is open to the public during the summer months, Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

If you visit, you'll see a full-size replica of the Golden Gate, or main portal, of the cathedral of Freiburg, and other plaster casts of superb Germanic architecture and design, and exhibits detailing the history of the Busch-Reisinger Museum.

Public concerts are occasionally given on the museum's famous Flentrop organ in the Romanesque Hall.

To see the museum's collections of painting and sculpture, make the 5-minute stroll to the new Harvard Art Museums.

Adolphus Busch Hall
29 Kirkland Street (map)
Cambridge MA 02138
Tel 617-495-9400

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Adolphus Busch Hall, Harvard U, Cambridge MA

Adolphus Busch Hall,
Harvard University, Cambridge MA.


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