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The first college founded in the British colonies, Harvard College was established in 1636 by the Great and General Court of Massachusetts Bay, the colonists' assembly.



John Harvard (1607-1638), a clergyman, gave his library and a sum of money to the fledgling college, a generous gesture that has earned his name worldwide fame.

From that early beginning Harvard College grew into Harvard University, a huge educational establishment with an endowment of many billions of dollars.

You'll want to walk around the main Harvard campus just off Harvard Square in Cambridge MA, including Harvard Yard and the major Harvard museums:

Harvard Art Museums

Harvard's main art museum featuring the collections of the Fogg and Busch-Reisinger museums. More...

Arthur M Sackler Museum

(Asian art), a few steps from the Harvard Art Museums. More...

Museum of Natural History

including the Peabody (Mayan) museum and the famous glass flowers. More...

Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnography

with impressive artifacts from the Mayan cities of Quirigua & Copán. More...

Loeb Drama Center

Harvard's Loeb Drama Center is the home of the American Repertory Theatre, and also of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club. More...

Harvard University Tours

Harvard University sponsors tours of its most historic sections during the summer, and during the school year when school is in session (that is, no tours during Christmas recess, spring vacation, etc). A small fee is payable to support student organizations.

Most of the tours depart from the Harvard University Information Center, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, in the Holyoke Center building, the tallest building in Harvard Square.

Additionally, both the University Admissions Office and Information Center conduct tours daily. The tours last about one hour.

Harvard University Information Center
Holyoke Center
1350 Massachusetts Avenue (Harvard Square)
Cambridge MA 02138
Tel 617-495-1573

—by Tom Brosnahan

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John Harvard, Cambridge MA

Statue of Rev. John Harvard,
Harvard Yard, Cambridge MA.


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