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Harvard Square is the heartbeat of Cambridge MA, a place where all styles of life commingle in a wild, busy carnival atmosphere.



Harvard Square (which is anything but square) is at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and John F Kennedy Street (map).

It's a crossroads that teems with evidence of a hundred lifestyles, from the stuffily academic to the loosest of dropouts. (Subway: Red Line train to Harvard).

When you arrive at Harvard subway station on your Red Line train from Boston, you'll walk up the station's stairs and out into a funky and fertile world right at the center of Harvard University, America's most staid and most prestigious institution of higher learning.

The scores of buildings belonging to Harvard University (including its many fine museums) are all around the square, as are hundreds of shops, boutiques, cafes, offices, a few cinemas and nightclubs.

For the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you should take the Red Line subway to Kendall Square.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Harvard Square, Cambridge MA

Harvard Square, Cambridge MA.




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