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A few blocks south of Downtown Crossing, near South Station and the Financial District, packed into the area around Beach Street, Tyler Street, and Harrison Avenue (map), are a dozen Chinese restaurants, groceries, and shops.

Like the North End, Boston's Chinatown is a place where the language of the old country may greet your ears more frequently than English.

Chinatown is particularly lively and fun at the time of traditional Chinese festivals and celebrations, when the dragons dance in the streets to the sound of thousands of little firecrackers detonated to scare off the demons.

Many Bostonians make the pilgrimage to Chinatown on Sunday to dine on dim sum, the seemingly endless succession of little delicacies served from carts circulating through the large dining room.

Dim sum is traditionally served from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Come in, take a table and just point to dishes that look good. The serving will be added to your bill, and the total at the end of a long, delicious meal will be quite reasonable.

Chinatown, right beside the Theater District, is a five-minute walk from the southeast corner of Boston Common, from Downtown Crossing, South Station or the Financial District, about a 15-minute walk from the Boston Convention & Exposition Center (BCEC) (map).

—by Tom Brosnahan

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