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The city of Boston is only one small part of Greater Boston, an urban agglomeration of more than three million people.




Panorama of Boston MA

Although the city of Boston is fairly large, with a population of about 600,000, it is dwarfed by Greater Boston, which consists of a dozen other cities as well as some outlying sections of Boston proper that are linked by propinquity and common interests such as regional transportation, water resources, green spaces, emergency planning, etc.

Neighboring cities include Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Newton, Revere, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown and Winthrop.

Arlington, Belmont and Quincy are a bit farther away from the center, but they still look to Boston as "the city."

It's common for anyone living in Greater Boston (that is, in Boston or any of the cities surrounding it) to tell strangers they're "from Boston," when in fact they may live in one of the neighboring cities.

Keep this in mind when you're looking for places in Greater Boston: although you'll find Berklee College of Music, Emerson College, Northeastern University, Suffolk University and other academic institutions in Boston, don't look for Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston (they're in Cambridge MA). Don't look for Tufts in Boston (It's in Medford). Don't look for Brandeis in Boston (it's in Waltham).

Many of the cities and towns in Greater Boston are connected to "The Hub" (the city of Boston) by MBTA buses and Commuter Rail trains. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan





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Sailboats on the Charles River, Boston MA

One thing linking the cities of Greater Boston is the waterways. Here, the Charles River.





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