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In Boston on Friday afternoon or Saturday? Pass by Haymarket for the colorful scene.




On the east side of Government Center and the north side of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, just south of Boston's North End (map), Haymarket Square is the nondescript area where a busy open-air produce market is held each Friday afternoon and Saturday, rain or shine, all year long.

The Haymarket produce market is a welcome contrast to the more upscale offerings of the food shops, restaurants and boutiques of adjoining Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

The market is centered on short, narrow Blackstone Street (map). Most of the costermongers (vendors) are oldtimers from the North End's Italian community. Some have been working the market for decades, and some families have done it for generations.

Prices are much lower than in supermarkets. Haggling is sometimes possible, especially late in the day when prices fall as the sellers would rather sell than pack up, carry away and store what's left on the carts.

It's a colorful scene, and authentic. Most shoppers are not here to take photos but to shop for food for big families and to save money.

When I was a graduate student I would travel from Tufts University to Haymarket most Saturdays and carry home multiple bags of groceries, having paid about half of what they would have cost in the supermarket.

One hotel near Faneuil Hall Marketplace is right in the market. More...

While you're here, have a look at the Union Oyster House (Tel 617-227-2750) at 41 Union Street, on the narrow street just to the west of the market (toward Government Center: map).

The restaurant, established in 1826, is said to be "America's oldest restaurant." Here's the Union Oyster House's website.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Haymarket Open-Air Market, Boston MA

Friday & Saturday open-air fruit and vegetable market at Haymarket, Boston MA. The Customs House Tower looms in the background to the left.





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