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Once you've visited the State House, up Beacon Hill from Boston Common, wander the hill's narrow colonial streets to admire the fine old houses and cobbled walks.



After you've visited the Massachusetts State House and the Boston Athenaeum, just up the hill from Boston Common, continue your Beacon Hill & Downtown Boston Walking Tour with explorations of pretty Beacon Hill (map).

Mount Vernon Street is the prettiest street on Beacon Hill, Boston's prettiest residential neighborhood. The brick Federal-style houses are all superbly kept.

After a few minutes' walk you'll come to Louisburg Square (map), laid out in the 1840s with a tiny private park at its center.

The square is Beacon Hill's architectural gem, and its most prestigious address. (Secretary of State John Kerry and Ms Theresa Heinz Kerry have a house here.) The park is owned in common by the residents of the houses facing the square.

Continue down the hill on Mount Vernon Street to West Cedar Street and turn left.

  Louisburg Square, Beacon Hill, Boston MA
  Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill:
Boston's status address.

The next street on the left is Acorn Street, a short street that is so photogenic it is almost synonymous with Beacon Hill. If you see a photograph of a Beacon Hill street, it's probably Acorn Street!

Continue to the next corner and turn right onto Chestnut Street, like Mount Vernon Street, lined with fine Federal brick row-houses.

If you're in need of a snack or drink, lunch or dinner, make your way to Charles Street at the western base of the hill, where there are shops, markets, boutiques, taverns and restaurants.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Acorn Street, Beacon Hill, Boston MA


Above, photogenic Acorn Street.



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