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Boston's largest park holds a special treat: New England's largest zoo.




Boston's largest park is Franklin Park (500 acres/202 hectares), located six miles (10 km) southwest of Boston Common off MA Route 28 (map).

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted as part of his brilliant Emerald Necklace plan of parks and green spaces for the city of Boston, it boasts theFranklin Park Zoo, an 18-hole public golf course, the Schoolboy Stadium with baseball diamond, the Playhouse in the Park, Boston's largest forest (200 acres/81 hectares), a cross-country course, walking paths...lots of outdoor enjoyment possibilities.

The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is also within the park grounds.

Franklin Park is administered by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

The Franklin Park Coalition is an organization of volunteers who help to support the park and its activities.

Franklin Park Coalition
PO Box 302333
Boston MA 02130
Tel 617-282-2881

—by Tom Brosnahan

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