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The subway is generally more useful than city buses, but there are exceptions.



City buses in Boston are operated by the MBTA, the transportation authority for Greater Boston. (For intercity buses, click here.)

As a short-term visitor to see the sights in Boston, you'll find yourself walking or taking taxis, the subway or Commuter Rail trains to most of the places you want to go. Buses are less useful than rail transport for the major sights.

The exception is the Silver Line trolleybuses, large articulated buses that run a route conceived as a substitute for constructing a much more expensive underground train line. (Don't ask—it's complicated...and political.)

Silver Line buses are particularly handy for connecting Boston-Logan International Airport with South Station Transportation Center, and downtown Boston with the Seaport District.

For route maps, schedules, and information, see the MBTA website.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Boston City Bus No 1

MBTA Bus 1 from Harvard Square, Cambridge.


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