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This trolleybus/diesel bus service can take you right from your Logan Airport terminal to the South Station Transportation Center (intercity trains & buses), to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.




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Greater Boston's MBTA subway Silver Line is a hybrid subway/ trolleybus/ bus, underground/ above-ground line connecting the South Station Transportation Center with the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston's World Trade Center, Logan Airport, and Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

There are four lines:


The SL1 line starts underground beneath South Station (where there's also a Red Line subway station). Hybrid electric trolleybus/ diesel-motor buses travel underground as trolleybuses for stops at the Moakley Courthouse and World Trade Center before coming above-ground to the Silver Line Way Station, where its electric catenaries give way to the diesel engine.

It continues as a diesel bus to Logan Airport, where it stops right at airline Terminals A, B, C and E, before returning to the city via the same route.

The advantage to taking the Silver Line to the airport over the MBTA subway Blue Line is that Silver Line buses stop right at the terminals. With the Blue Line, you go to the Airport subway station and transfer to an airport shuttle bus which takes you to the terminals.



The SL2 line follows the same underground route from South Station, but instead of going to Logan Airport it follows Northern Avenue to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and the Design Center.

SL4 & SL5

These lines are of less interest to short-term visitors to Boston.

Here's a map of the Silver Line routes.

—by Tom Brosnahan

Red Line (Harvard Sq, South Station)

Green Line (Most of Boston!)

Blue Line (Logan Airport)

Orange Line (Bunker Hill, Old Ironsides)


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Logan Airport, Boston MA

You don't have to drive to Logan Airport,
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