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Boston taxis were mostly large American-made sedans such as the Ford Crown Victoria, but this favorite of the fleet is no longer being manufactured, so smaller cars are taking its place.

Rates, fees and practices for "hackney carriages" (taxis) in the city of Boston are published on the Boston Police Department's website. Note also the list of Meter Rate Communities, that is, nearby cities to which the taxi meter rate applies.

Flat rates (ie, fixed fares) apply to some cities and towns farther away from Boston, as published in the Official Flat Rate Handbook, also available on the Boston Police Department's website.

If you travel to or from Logan Airport, some special charges may apply, such as airport fees and tunnel tolls. These are explained on signs posted in each taxi.

The City of Boston's seven authorized taxi organizations are:

Boston Cab, Tel 617-536-5010

City Cab, Tel 617-536-5100

ITOA, Tel 617-825-4000

Metro Cab, Tel 617-782-5500

Top Cab, Tel 617-266-4800

Tunnel Taxi, Tel 617-567-2700

617TaxiCab Inc., Tel 617-829-4222 (617-TAXI-CAB)

At the end of your taxi ride, you should request and receive a printed meter receipt showing the taxi's medallion number, date and time of the ride.

If you believe that the driver followed a route longer than necessary in order to increase the fare, you may register your complaint with the Boston Police Department Hackney Carriage Unit (Tel 617-343-4475 during business hours; after hours, tel 617-536-8294)

Remember: these are the rules and regulations for the City of Boston and not necessarily for any other adjoining city (Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, etc) which will have its own regulations, which may differ.

Lost & Found

If you have your taxi meter receipt, or if you remember the name of the taxi company, contact the company directly. You may also contact the taxi hotline at 536-TAXI (617-536-8294).

—by Tom Brosnahan


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