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The social center of Concord MA dates from 1716. If you want to experience all of Concord right outside your door, stay or dine here, right on Monument Square.


Concord's 3-star, 56-room Colonial Inn, on Monument Street at the northern end of Monument Square (map), is certainly Concord's most central lodging-place. Everything in this historic town is within an easy walk.

The oldest part of the Colonial Inn was built in 1716, and has seen a lot of history: when the British Regulars marched into Concord on April 19, 1775 looking for the "colonials'" caches of arms and provisions, some of them were hidden here.

Henry David Thoreau lived here from 1835 to 1837, when he was a student at Harvard College. His aunts later managed the home as a boarding house and hotel.


New England fall foliage tours!


Fall foliage tours!

It has been a hotel open to the general public since 1889. During the 20th century, the inn was expanded to 65 rooms, all decorated with colonial-style accents but offering all modern comforts.

Only 12 original colonial-era rooms are available to guests, and these are often the ones most in demand. If you call or write ahead for reservations, you might ask for one of these. The manager will do his best to put you in one, but cannot guarantee any particular room to any guest.

Housekeeping rooms (with kitchenette) are also available should you be planning a longer stay.

The Colonial Inn is also a Concord gastronomic favorite:

—The Liberty Restaurant is the informal gastro-pub dining room, cozy pub bar, and wonderful front porch (reserve your table in advance if you can).

—Merchants' Row is the more formal suite of dining rooms for gastronomy, private dinners, and special occasions.

Both restaurants take advantage of local, seasonal ingredients and beverages, including surprisingly good Massachusetts wines. (I've tasted some fine Westport Rivers bottles here. More...)

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Concord's Colonial Inn
48 Monument Square (map)
Concord MA 01742

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Concord's Colonial Inn, Concord MA

Concord's Colonial Inn on Monument Square.



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