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We remember the excellent turkey sandwiches once served just steps from the Concord Depot Commuter Rail train station.


Country Kitchen was a tiny sandwich shop in a former coal-weighing shed by the railroad tracks in Concord, Massachusetts (map), that made the best fresh-roasted turkey sandwiches in New England.

On December 15, 2017, after 37 years in business, the Country Kitchen closed for good.

Every morning at 5 am owner Trish Irons shoved an average of six turkeys into the ancient oven. By 10 am they were perfectly roasted and ready to be sliced and diced to make fresh sliced turkey and turkey salad sandwiches for the daily lunch crowd.

Over the 37 years that Country Kitchen was in business since it opened in June 1981, Trish carved upmore than 30,000 turkeys for the daily lunch crowd.

Those of us who were regular patrons will miss it!

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Country Kitchen, Concord MA

Country Kitchen, a former coal-weighing station.





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