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Follow the progress of the British expeditionary force and the American Minutemen along Battle Road between Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

Battle Road, reconstructed within Minuteman National Historical Park, leads you along the route taken by the British expeditionary force sent from colonial headquarters in Boston to seize military stores and matériel thought to have been hidden at Colonel Barrett's farm in Concord.

The "road" is a series of signs along the original route, now partly covered by modern roads, and of reconstructed unpaved roads through the forest between Lexington and Concord.

Every spring, early on the morning of April 19th (Patriots Day, a holiday in Massachusetts), re-enactors recreate the first battle of the American Revolution: Redcoats come marching along Main Street and meet the Minutemen at Lexington Green for a shoot-out. More...

Walking, biking or driving Battle Road, you pass many of the sights that might have been familiar to the attackers and defenders over two centuries ago.

Maps of Battle Road are available at the Minuteman National Historical Park Visitor Center on Lexington Road between Lexington and Concord, and at the Concord Visitor Center.

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Redcoat Re-enactors march along Battle Road in Lexington MA

Redcoat re-enactors march along Battle Road in Lexington MA early on the morning of Patriots' Day (April 19th).





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