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Concord is unusual among New England towns because it does not have a "town common," or plot of central common pasture land. It has Monument Square.

Civil War Monument, Monument Square, Concord, Massachusetts

Monument Square, the civic center of Concord, Massachusetts (map), is named for its Civil War memorial obelisk erected in 1866. The square is a useful landmark for anyone visiting Concord: ask for it, and you will be directed to the center of town.

From here, it's a 10- or 15-minute walk to most of Concord's landmarks, including Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Old Hill Burying Ground, South Burying Ground, Emerson's House, the Concord Museum, Old North Bridge, the Old Manse, Orchard House, the Wayside, and the Concord Depot (train station).

Here's a Concord Walking Tour to show you all the town's sights. More...

Around the Square

Around Monument Square—actually the "square" is more of a rectangle—are gathered the town's major institutions: the Town House (town hall), First Parish Unitarian-Universalist meetinghouse, Holy Family Roman Catholic church and its rectory, the Christian Science church, and the Colonial Inn.

Concordians love to show visitors that the town lives up to its name in religious matters: Monument Hall, the home of Concord's Knights of Columbus meet right next door to the Masonic Temple, which is right next to the Christian Science church. Everyone gets along in Concord!

Old Hill

Above Monument Square, beside Holy Family church, stands Old Hill, site of the original hamlet of Concord, now covered by the Old Hill Burying Ground, also called the North Burying Ground, one of Concord's two colonial-era cemeteries. More...

Old Hill (North) Burying Ground, Concord, Massachusetts
Old Hill (North) Burying Ground, just off Monument Square.

Cyclists at the Fountain

In the warm months, Monument Square and the drinking-water fountain at its southeastern end are a popular resting-place for bicyclers pedalling the many popular bike routesthrough the beautiful countryside surrounding the town.

—by Tom Brosnahan

Concord Walking Tour

Old Hill Burying Ground

Old North Bridge

Emerson House

Concord Museum

Orchard House

The Wayside

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Cyclists in Monument Square, Concord, Massachusetts

Bicyclists gather in autumn at the drinking fountain in Concord's Monument Square.

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