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"Bad luck to transport a corpse across water," they said, so Concord, Massachusetts has cemeteries on both sides of the Mill Brook.


Concord's first cemetery, the Old Hill Burying Ground, was on the hill next to Monument Square (map).

17th-century superstition held that it was bad luck to transport a corpse across water, so the village established a second cemetery on the south side of the Mill Brook, just two blocks along Main Street from the original burying ground.

The South Burying Ground is smaller than the Old Hill Burying Ground, but still harbors the graves of people with names illustrious in Concord history: early residents, Revolutionary War veterans, pillars of Concord's history.

A number of the family names to be seen on the gravestones here are still prominent in Concord town affairs today.

South Burying Ground is now a tranquil little park right next to the bustle of Main Street and Concord's principal commercial district (map). If you find yourself in Concord Center, take a minute to wander among the old gravestones of slate and marble, and ponder the past.

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South Burying Ground, Concord MA

South Burying Ground, Concord MA.





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