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Lexington was the home of the first Minutemen to die from British bullets in the Revolutionary War. It's now a historic, picturesque suburb of Boston.



Lexington, Massachusetts is a pleasant, prosperous suburb of Boston with a justifiable pride in its Revolutionary War role.

You can visit Lexington Green, where the first shots of the war were fired, and even witness a re-enactment of the battle at dawn on Patriots Day (April 19th or therabouts) each year.

Although the Minutemen who died on Lexington Green in 1775 were not the first Americans to die for their country (victims of the Boston Massacre hold that honor), nor even the first to offer spirited resistance as the Minutemen at Concord did, the eight Minutemen who fell on Lexington Green served their country well.

For without the battle at Lexington, the Minutemen at Concord might not have been determined to offer strong resistance to the British force.

Unitarian Church, Lexington MA
Unitarian Church on Lexington Green.

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Patriots Day(April 19)


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Redcoats on Patriots Day, Lexington MA

Above, the "redcoats" line up before the skirmish with the Minutemen on Lexington Green.


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