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In the Cape Cod town of Dennis, it is claimed, the commercial cranberry-harvesting industry began, and salt works flourished. Today, visitors come for its splendid beaches and numerous hotels, motels and inns in all price ranges.

by Tom Brosnahan
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Dennis is one of those Cape Cod towns that extends from the shore of Cape Cod Bay in the north to the beach-lined coast of beach-lined Nantucket Sound in the south (map).

This is a confusing, if beautiful, town of five villages: Dennis, East Dennis, West Dennis, South Dennis, and Dennis Port.

Though the village of East Dennis is actually east of Dennis, the village of South Dennis is due north of West Dennis, and these two are due south of East Dennis . . . got it?

Dennis has a good variety of hotels, motels and inns, some right on the beach, others in the villages. More...

Speaking of beaches, Dennis has them: more than a dozen in all, most on its salt-water shores and two on fresh-water ponds. More...

More pretty scenes, including those cranberry bogs and salt marshes, await you in Dennis. If you get off MA 6A to wander and explore, expect to get lost.

Dennis has culture as well. In the evening, attend a performance at the Cape Playhouse, or a movie at the Cape Cinema. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Sargo Hill Tower, Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Scargo Hill Tower in Dennis MA on Cape Cod.

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