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In high summer, have advance reservations for any accommodation in P-Town!

by Tom Brosnahan
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West End sign, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts



Provincetown's streets are lined with bed-and-breakfast guesthouses and inns and motels, and in the six weeks from mid-July to Labor Day every room in every one will be booked in advance.

Outside of that time you have a chance of finding a room by arriving in town by late morning or early afternoon, but it's always better to reserve in advance.

P-Town is 3 Miles Long!

When you set out to hunt for accommodations, or to find your reserved room, remember that P-town is about 3 miles long (5 km) from one end of Commercial Street (the main street) to the other.

Commcercial is one-way going southwest; Bradford Street (MA Route 6A), one block inland, is one-way going northeast for most of its length.

Near MacMillan Wharf

The quaint, picturesque character of Provincetown is best expressed in its small inns and guesthouses.

The 4-star, 10-room Victoria House is among the most-favored inns, right in the town center near MacMillan Wharf.

The 3-star, 9-room John Randall House, with both indoor and outdoor terraces, is another centrally-located favorite.

The 2-star, 8-room Elephant Walk Inn is a short walk north of MacMillan Wharf on Bradford Street.

West End Guesthouses & Inns

The West End—west of MacMillan Wharf, that is—has the richest concentration of guesthouses.

Many are really inns, carefully restored with lots of guest rooms, some luxury features, and moderate to high prices.

Others are mom-and-pop establishments, simple and unpretentious, at very reasonable bargain rates.

The 3-star, 18-room Anchor Inn Beach House is a traditional favorite, featuring an Irish breakfast, and rooms with balconies.

The 3-star, 101-room Provincetown Inn, located at the far southwestern end of Commercial Street, is different, a full-service low-profile hotel right on the beach with all services: outdoor swimming pool by the beach; rooms with TV, refrigerator and coffee-maker; full-service bar, lounge and restaurant.

Please read "gay and lesbian in P-Town."

Minimum Stay Requirement

Also, most lodging places require some minimum stay during the peak season period, usually from three or four days (at least, on weekends) to a full week. And you won't be able to fudge it: You'll probably have to pay the full amount for your stay when you check in.


Dunes' Edge Campground, a non-profit property of The Trustees of Reservations, has 85 tree-shaded campsites for tents, vans and pop-up RVs, and 15 sites with electric and water hook-ups for larger RVs. It's one mile (1.6 km) north of MacMillan Wharf on the north side of US Route 6 (map). For July and August, and weekends in June and September, reserve your site well in advance! More...

No sites available? Try Nickerson State Park in Brewster. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Foxberry Inn, Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The 4-star, 12-room Foxberry Inn.


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