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This tranquil Japanese-style botanical garden on Chappaquiddick Island is perfect for quiet contemplation.


Mytoi Garden, about 3 miles (5 km) from the Chappy Ferry along Chappaquiddick Road and Dike Road (map), is a wonderful place to stop for an hour's peace and quiet among beautiful trees, bushes, mosses and flowers by a tranquil pool spanned by a wooden bridge and walkway.

Owned and maintained by The Trustees of Reservations, Mytoi (MEE-toy) is open for free to the public (donations accepted) every day of the year, from sunrise to sunset.

Pick up a weatherproofed guide page at the entrance (and return it to the attendant before you leave).

A different kind of yoga at Mytoi Gardens, Matha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
A different kind of yoga at Mytoi...

Parking at Mytoi

The parking lot at Mytoi holds only 15 cars, and this limit is strictly enforced, meaning that if you are the 16th or later car, you will have to turn around and depart, and perhaps come later when there is a parking space available.

Thus, in summer, especially on weekends, if you're coming by car, it's best to plan your visit for early morning or late afternoon.

This limit on cars helps to maintain Mytoi's tranquility. If yours is the 15th car, you'll appreciate it. If the 16th, you'll dislike it.

Mytoi Garden
The Trustees of Reservations
Dike Road
Chappaquiddick Island
Martha's Vineyard MA
Tel 508-627-7689

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Mytoi Garden, Chappaquiddick, Martha's Vineyard MA

Serene Mytoi Garden on Chappaquiddick.
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