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Wasque Reservation at the southeast corner of Chappaquiddick Island, is great for walks, picnics, and surf-cast fishing.  


Wasque Point, at the southeastern end of Chappaquiddick Island (map), is a nature reserve with picnic tables, good surf-casting, and plenty of sand beach.

Wasque (WAYSS-kwee—rhymes with PLACE-key) Point is not the place to swim, however, despite all that great sand beach. There's a dangerous, deadly undertow, so swimming is prohibited.

Fishing is encouraged, however, and you'll see several vehicles driving on the beach, their tires semi-flat to deal with the sand, to get to good surf-casting locations.

However, there's great swimming just to the north at Leland Beach to the north, operated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and at Norton Beach, a Dukes County beach to the west of Wasque Point.

For me Wasque Point is the place to go for a bike ride, a picnic, a walk on the beach, and to enjoy the sound of the surf.

Sound of the Surf on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Sound of the surf...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Wasque Point, Chappaquiddick, Martha's Vineyard MA

Picnic area overlooking the beach at
Wasque Point, Chappaquiddick.





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