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A day-trip from Cape Cod to Nantucket can show you much of the island's beauty and history.


You can enjoy the beauty and history of Nantucket on a day-trip from Cape Cod if you plan your time right.

Same-day excursion tickets on some ferryboats are cheaper than round-trips with an overnight stay.

Here is a typical itinerary. The timing of your trip may vary depending on whether you take a plane or a ferryboat.

8:00 am

Start for the airport or ferryboat dock, allowing a minimum 30 to 45 minutes for unloading, parking, ticketing, check-in, boarding, etc. More...

9:00 am

Your fast ferryboat or flight departs. Within an hour you are in the center of Nantucket, either by ferry (which arrives in the center), or shuttle bus from Nantucket Airport.

9:30 am

Guided Tours

Board a tour bus for a 1-1/2-hour guided driving tour of the island, or walk to the Whaling Museum to inquire about tickets for a walking tour of Nantucket Town. More...

Rent a Bike!

Rent a bicycle, get a bike path map, and set out to see the island on your own. Note the rules of biking on Nantucket. More...

12:00 Noon

Lunch at one of Nantucket's many restaurants and caf├ęs, or pick up a sandwich or salad and drinks and have a picnic.

1:00 pm (13:00)

Sun, Sand & Sea

Time to go to the beach! Take a shuttle bus or ride your rented bike to your choice of beach. More...

See & See

Visit the Whaling Museum, the Science Center, one of Nantucket's historic houses, or wander, camera in hand, along the historic streets and alleys.

3:00 pm (15:00)

Make your way back from beach or bike ride to Nantucket Town for a stroll, some shopping (or window shopping), and refreshments.

4:00 pm (16:00)

Get ready for your return flight or ferry voyage. If you have a later one, continue your explorations on Nantucket.

6:00 pm (18:00)

You may be back on the mainland by now, ready to return to your Cape Cod hotel and prepare for a seafood dinner.

If you're still on Nantucket, there are ferryboats that depart the island as late as 10:00 pm (22:00).

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Nantucket, Massachusetts

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