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You can get to Nantucket by plane from Boston, Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard, New Bedford or New York City; by car ferry from Hyannis, or by passenger ferry from Hyannis, Harwich Port or Martha's Vineyard.



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Nantucket island, 30 miles (48 km) off the coast of Cape Cod (map), is accessible by ferryboat and plane. If you like, you can visit the island on a day-trip from Cape Cod. More...

Passenger Ferries

In summer, passenger ferryboats run to Nantucket from Harwich Port and Hyannis MA on Cape Cod, from New Bedford, and from the neighboring island of Martha's Vineyard MA.

The most convenient ferry departure point is Hyannis, with the most ferries and lowest fares, but New Bedford has advantages: easier, cheaper parking, and no need to contend with the throngs of traffic trying to squeeze over the Cape Cod Canal bridges.

Traditional ferries from Hyannis take 2 to 2-1/2 hours to make the voyage, fast catamaran ferries take only one hour, but at a higher fare. From New Bedford, the fast Seastreak catamaran takes 1 hr 40 minutes. More...

Car Ferries

Most visitors do not take cars to Nantucket. They rent a car, bicycle or motor scooter there, or use the convenient shuttle buses. But if you must take your car, the Steamship Authority runs car ferries from Hyannis's Pleasant Street Dock to Nantucket several times daily. Space is in great demand, and fares are high. More...

By Plane

Flying can be a convenient way to get to Nantucket, but you must watch out for the fog. If the weather prevents your flight from getting to the island, you may still have to pay for the lodging and other reservations you have made there. More...

Small commuter airlines operate non-stop flights to Nantucket from Boston, Hyannis, New Bedford and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

In summer, there are also non-stop flights from New York City's John F Kennedy International Airport to & from Nantucket. Other New York flight routes go via Boston. More...

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mv Iyanough Ferryboat, Nantucket MA

m/v Iyanough: fast catamaran passenger ferry from Hyannis MA to Nantucket Island.





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