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Rockport's charming inns—and even its simple motels—fill to capacity in summer. Make your reservations as early as you can.


Rockport MA is a charming, picturesque Cape Ann seacoast town, and has the inns to go with it. It's a real pleasure to stay in Rockport for a few days and nights, but you must plan ahead because lots of other vacationers want the same thing.

Not only that, many of these charming hostelries are quite small, with only a handful of rooms. They give you a true feeling that you belong here, but they cannot provide for more than a haldful of guests.

I've been writing about Rockport and its charming inns since the 1970s, and I'm astonished at how stable the hotel picture is here. Many of not most of the hotels, inns, motels and B&Bs that I inspected and recommended in the first edition (1978) of Frommer's New England are still open and welcoming guests. Management may have changed, facilities have certainly been updated and improved, but the welcome is still as warm and the charm still as great.

Inns on the Outskirts

Some inns, such as the fine 3-star, 36-room Emerson Inn by the Sea and the 4-star, 8-room Yankee Clipper Inn, are on the outskirts of the town, so it's good to have a car or bicycle to reach the center.

Inns in the Town Center

Other inns and bed-and-breakfast houses are right in the town, an easy walk to Bearskin Neck, the Shalin Liu Performance Center, churches, shops and the waterfront.

The 6-room Lantana House, for example, is an easy walk to everything. The 4-star, 5-room Seven South Street Inn B&B is only a few steps farther from the center, but offers a luxuriou stay.

Vacationers who stay at the town's few motels, like the 2-star, 8-room Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge—the only lodging with this many rooms right on Bearskin Neck—tend to return year after year.

You can also stay in nearby Gloucester and visit Rockport for the day. All of the convenient lodgings are here:

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Rockport, Massachusetts

Fun on the beach right in the center of Rockport, with the Shalin Liu Performance Center (top center).





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