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For a look at Salem in 1630, tour this "living history museum."



Built in 1930, Pioneer Village in Forest River Park (map) off West Street in Salem, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of Salem Common, has been restored over the years.

Costumed "interpreters" show you the governor's house, gardens such as the colonists might have cultivated, and the sorts of animals that they may have raised.

Demonstrations of yarn spinning, building, and open-hearth cooking are here to see. You can even learn how to use a matchlock musket! (If the interpreters are present—check for times when they are.)

There's a beach and picnic area, so plan accordingly.

Tickets are available at the Witch House, 310 ½ Essex Street in Salem, tel: 978-744-8815.

Salem 1630: Pioneer Village
Forest River Park (map)
Salem MA 01970
Tel 978-740-9636

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Salem 1630: Pioneer Village, Salem, Massachusetts

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