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There were never any witches in Salem, but commercial interests don't let facts disturb them....



If you visit on Halloween, expect big crowds and long lines. More...

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

A stone monument off Charter Street honors the innocent people who were accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials of 1692 and put to death by hanging, crushing weights, or disease in jail—a cautionary reminder of innocents sacrificed to justice gone awry.

Witch House

Magistrate Jonathan Corwin was one of the judges in the Salem witch trials. Preliminary examinations of those accused of witchcraft were held in his house at 310-1/2 Essex Street, corner of North Street, now called the Witch House. This is the most authentic of the "witch sites" in Salem. Enter and see what they saw! More...

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum, 19-1/2 Washington Square (tel 978-744-1692), faces the foreboding statue of Roger Conant ("The Puritan") at the intersection of Brown Street and Hawthorne Boulevard next to Salem Common. More...

The museum's sombre Gothic, church-like building houses an audio-visual re-creation of the witchcraft trials of 1692 using life-size figures, a sound track, and special lighting. Shows begin every half-hour.

Witch Dungeon Museum

Even more elaborate, the Witch Dungeon Museum, 16 Lynde Street, near Washington Street is just a half block from the western end of Essex Street Mall. Reenactments of a witch trial, a re-created dungeon, and a replica of Old Salem Village are among the exhibits. More...

Witchcraft Shops

The eastern end of Essex Street Mall has several shops selling Hollywood-style witchy goods, costumes and paraphernalia.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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