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Amherst College, the University of Massachusetts, and the home of "the Belle of Amherst"—poet Emily Dickinson.




Poet Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, lived for a time in Philadelphia and Washington, but returned to Amherst to live and write in seclusion. Her house is now a museum open to visits.

You'll want to take a tour of Amherst College, founded in 1821.

The information booth on the Town Common in Amherst can furnish you with a handy map and guide. The college is all around you. Want more information? Contact Amherst College, Converse Hall (tel 413-542-2000).

The sprawling campus of the University of Massachusetts (UMass) takes more time to see, but there is a free PVTA bus line you can use, and an excellent campus map. Ask at the information booth on the Common, or at the information desk in the UMass Campus Center (east end of second floor concourse; tel 413-545-0111).

UMass, by the way, was founded in 1863 as Massachusetts Agricultural College. Present enrollment on the Amherst campus is about 25,000. Compare that to Amherst College's 1,600.

The roads between Amherst, Northampton, and South Hadley form a triangle and are some of the prettiest in the area.

Farther along the road you may want to stop at Atkins Fruit Bowl (tel 413-253-9528). Cider, pumpkins, apple picking, maple sugar products, and locally grown produce are all here. Atkins has grown so large from its humble beginnings as a farm stand that it now stays open daily, year round.

Continuing along the road, you'll climb into the tiny Holyoke Mountain Range, the only range of mountains in the Pioneer Valley that runs east-west. Well-marked hiking trails begin from the visitors center here.

Once over the "notch" (mountain pass), you'll coast down toward South Hadley.

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Poet Emily Dickenson's House, Amherst MA

The home of poet Emily Dickinson in Amherst MA.


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