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 "The world's largest naval ship exhibit" is a major reason to visit Fall River, Massachusetts.




Most people speed through Fall River on their way from Providence to Cape Cod or from Boston to Newport RI, and when they do, the sight they stop to see is Battleship Cove, permanent berth of a number of impressive craft.

The USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr, a World War II destroyer, is here, as are the cruiser USS Fall River, the submarine USS Lionfish, heavily-armed wooden PT boats, and many other vessels both American and foreign.

But the star of the exhibit is the mighty USS Massachusetts, the battleship berthed here as a memorial to Massachusetts men and women who were killed in World War II.

You can tour both above and below decks on all the ships. You can even climb on the mammoth cannons capable of lobbing a one-ton shell nearly 20 miles (32 km).

For lunch, have a meal or a snack in the wardroom of the USS Massachusetts.

Included on the Battleship Cove ticket is the nearby Marine Museum (see below) with over 150 ship models featuring a 28-foot, one-ton model of the SS Titanic.

Local history exhibits are in the Fall River Heritage State Park Visitor Center just north of Battleship Cove.

From I-195, follow the signs for Battleship Cove (sometimes just the silhouette of the battleship is on the sign). The road system is complicated, and turns and exits are tricky, requiring some quick lane changes, and signage is only minimal, so be fully aware and quick-witted as you drive.

Coming from the center of Fall River (ie, from the east), take I-195 Exit 5, as though going north on MA Route 79. Merge, then turn left under Ma Route 79/138 following a sign reading "To 195". Headed south, you'll see the ships in Battleship Cove.

Battleship Cove
5 Water Street (map)
Fall River MA 02722-0111
Tel: 508-678-1100
Toll-free: 800-533-3194 (New England only)
Fax: 508-674-5597

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Battleship Cove, Fall River MA

Above, USS Massachusetts beneath the Braga Bridge (I-195) at Battleship Cove.





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