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It's easy and fairly quick to reach Plymouth MA by car, bus, train or ferryboat from Boston or Cape Cod.


Distances to Plymouth MA

Boston: 39 miles (63 km) NW
New Bedford: 38 miles (61 km) SW
Fall River: 37 miles (60 km) SW of Fall River,
Hyannis (Cape Cod): 35 miles (56.5 km) SE


Interstate 93 (Southeast Expressway) and MA Route 3 connect Boston and Plymouth (map). There's a useful Plymouth Tourist Information Center on MA Route 3 at Exit 5. (The P&B Bus Center and Park & Ride Travel Plaza are here as well. More...)


Plymouth & Brockton (P&B) Street Railway Company runs 24 buses on weekdays, 4 buses on Saturday and Sunday, from Boston's South Station Bus Terminal and Logan Airport (all terminals) to Plymouth and onward to Sagamore, Barnstable, Hyannis and beyond on Cape Cod.

In normal traffic, the trip to Plymouth's P&B Bus Center takes 65 minutes from Logan Airport, 45 minutes from South Station, or 45 minutes from Hyannis. More...

The P&B Bus Center in Plymouth is at the Park & Ride Travel Plaza/ Plymouth Tourist Information Center, MA Route 3, Exit 5, 2.3 miles (3.7 km) west of Plymouth Rock (map). To reach Plymouth Rock, take a local bus:

Local Buses

GATRA Mayflower Link buses run hourly between the P&B Bus Center and the Post Office near Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II, and the museums in the center of Plymouth. They continue to Plimoth Plantation as well.


MBTA Commuter Rail trains on the Kingston/Plymouth Linefrom Boston's South Station terminate at the Kingston and Plymouth stations. Most trains terminate at Kingston, about four per weekday at Plymouth (fewer on weekends).

Plymouth station is 2.3 miles (3.7 km) northwest of Plymouth Rock (map). Kingston station is farther away (4.6 miles/7.4 km) to the northwest on the west side of MA Route 3 (map), Both stations are connected to the center of Plymouth by GATRA Freedom Link and Liberty Link buses. (From Plymouth station, walk to the Cordage Park bus stop to catch the bus.) More...

If you take the 8:56 am train from South Station and arrive at Plymouth station at 10:23 am, you can walk to Plymouth Rock or take the 10:43 am bus from Cordage Park and arrive at Plymouth Rock at about 11:00 am, making the entire trip about a 2-hour journey—but the P&B bus does the job quicker, with more departures.

Plymouth — P-Town Ferryboat

From late June through September, Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours operates a fast ferry from the Town Wharf in Plymouth to MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown, Cape Cod. The ferry leaves Plymouth at 10:00 am, arrives in P-Town at 11:30 am, and leaves P-Town at 4:30 pm for the return voyage to Plymouth. Same-day round trip tickets are the best value, but one-way tickets are available for single trips or future-date returns. More...

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