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The "Church of the Presidents," gathered in 1636, has been the center of religious life in Braintree and Quincy for centuries.



Quincy's United First Parish Church (map) was founded in 1636 by Puritans as an offshoot of the Church in Boston, but by 1639 "The Church of Braintry," as it was called, was independent.

John Hancock was baptized in this church by his father, the Reverend John Hancock, who served here as minister from 1726 to 1744

In 1750 the church became a Unitarian congregation. The church and its congregation were the nucleus of the town of Braintree, Massachusetts, later called "Old Braintree."

The town grew, and eventually "Old Braintree" became the City of Quincy, while other districts became the towns of Braintree, Holbrook and Randolph.

Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams were life-long members of this church.

The stately building you see today was designed by Alexander Parris, built of granite donated by John Adams, and completed in 1828. It replaced the wooden Hancock Meeting House that was on the same site.

The granite church is the congregation's fourth meetinghouse.

The tombs of John Adams and John Quincy Adams are in a crypt within the church, beside those of their wives, Abigail Smith Adams and Louisa Catherine Adams.

You'll find the church in the very center of Quincy (map), directly across the street from City Hall. Across the street beside it is the Visitor Center of Adams National Historical Park (map).

United First Parish Church (Unitarian-Universalist)
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Quincy MA 02169
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—by Tom Brosnahan

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United First Parish Church, Quincy MA

United First Parish Church, Quincy MA.





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