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Springfield Armory National Historic Site was where, from 1795 to 1968, a good proportion of America's national defense budget was spent.




The gun factories and officers' quarters at the armory, at 1 Armory Square (Federal at State streets: map) are now occupied by Springfield Technical Community College, but the Small Arms Museum, is what you've come to see.

There's an awful lot of firepower here; not just the Springfield and Garand rifles that were made in the armory, but even some weapons dating from the 1600s, and lots of Remingtons, Colts, and Lugers.

The Springfield Armory is thought to have the world's largest such collection of weaponry, and it is mighty impressive.

Don't miss the "Organ of Rifles" (so called by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "The Arsenal at Springfield").

For official National Park Service information, see the Springfield Armory National Historic Site website.

Note this message as well:

"No personal firearms, knives over 2 inches, or other weapons of any kind are allowed on Federal Property due to Federal and State Laws even if you have a license to carry firearms. Please don’t bring them with you to this site."

Springfield Armory Museum
1 Armory Square (Federal & State Streets)(map)
Springfield MA 01105-1299
Tel 413-734-8551

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Springfield Armonry Museum, Springfield MA

Above, Springfield Armory Museum, Springfield MA.

Below, Civil War 1861 model Springfield rifles.


Civil War 1861 model Springfield rifles, Springfield Armory Museum



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