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Boston is the transportation hub for all New England, but Springfield MA is a major intercity bus route hub.




Massachusetts is well served by airlines and trains to Boston, and buses to the North Shore, South Shore, Cape Cod, the Pioneer Valley of central Massachusetts, and the Berkshire Hills in the west.

Ferryboat services connect Boston with suburbs and Provincetown on Cape Cod, and other ferries travel between Cape Cod and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Cruise ships dock right near the city center. More...


Boston-Logan International Airport is by far the most important airport in Massachusetts, but other airports serve the state as well. More...


Boston is a major hub for intercity bus routes throughout New England, and so is Springfield MA. More...

Here's a list of all the cities and towns served by bus from Boston, and the bus companies that serve them. More...


Amtrak intercity trains connect Boston and other Massachusetts cities with Connecticut, Maine, New York and Rhode Island.

MBTA Commuter Rail trains from Boston serve suburbs on eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. More...

Ships & Ferryboats

Cruise ships dock in Boston, and ferryboats connect Boston with suburbs on the shores of Massachusetts Bay, and with Cape Cod. Ferries from Cape Cod run out to the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. More...

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Logan Int'l Airport, Boston MA

Terminal E (International)
at Logan Airport, Boston MA.





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