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Worcester's Mechanics Hall ranks with Boston's Symphony Hall as one of New England's two best concert venues, and one of the four best in North America.


Said to be the finest pre-Civil War concert hall in the USA, and one of the four finest in North America, Mechanics Hall in the center of Worcester MA (map) ranks with Boston's renowned Symphony Hall in stateliness and acoustic excellence.

The hall, designed by Elbridge Boyden, was opened in 1857. State-of-the-art at the time, it was extensively restored and brought up to date in 1977.

For more than a century it has been used for concerts, political and community meetings, even for wrestling matches, basketball games and other sporting events. Its use now is primarily for concerts and musical recordings, as the hall contains a complete recording studio.

A special feature is the 52-stop, 3,504-pipe Hook Organ, the oldest unaltered four-keyboard organ in the Western Hemisphere, installed by E & GG Hook Brothers of Boston in 1864.

Why "Mechanics"? In the mid-1800s, when Worcester was a booming industrial center, the Worcester County Mechanics Association, a group dedicated to educating and bettering the lives of the city's thousands of artisans, tradesmen and industrial workers ("mechanics" in the parlance of the day)—the backbone of the city's prosperity.

In the beginning, the Mechanics Association owned the hall. Nowadays, the hall pretty much owns the association, as the WCMA's prime purpose these days is to preserve and maintain the historic building.

Check the Mechanics Hall website for current events. If you have the chance, attend a concert to enjoy the halls wonderful acoustics and elegant architecture.

Mechanics Hall
321 Main Street, (map)
Worcester MA 01608
Tel: 508-752-5608

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Mechanics Hall, Worcester MA

Above, a concert in Mechanics Hall.


Mechanics Hall, Worcester MA



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