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Maine's capital is a small, compact city of 25,000 people on the Kennebec River. Stop to admire the State House (capitol), Maine State Museum, and Old Fort Western.


There was a trading settlement near present-day Augusta in 1628, but it didn't last.

Fort Western, built in 1724, did survive and became the base for shipping timber, cedar shakes (shingles), fish and furs down the Kennebec in ships built here.

In 1827, Augusta became Maine's capital.

Maine Capitol, Augusta ME
Maine State House...

Things to see in August include the Maine State House (the state capitol), the Maine State Museum right next to it, and restored Old Fort Western, just across the Kennebec River.

There are a number of hotels on the outskirts should you want to stay, and a lot of chain and fast-food restaurants, but few good places for a nice meal.

I looked in vain for the good delis and taverns filled with lawyers and lobbyists one usually finds near a state capitol.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Old Fort Western, Augusta ME

Above, Old Fort Western.




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