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Historical signboards placed around the village outline Castine's fascinating history.


Visit the sites of the forts: Fort Pentagoet, near the Wilson Museum on Perkins Road; Fort George, near the entrance to town; and Fort Madison. Fort George is now a State Memorial, kept up by the Bureau of Parks and Recreation.

For a closer look, visit the Wilson Museum, on Perkins Street, three blocks from Main Street to the southwest.

The museum has exhibits explaining the rich local history, and prehistoric artifacts from the Americas, concentrating on the growth of the human ability to fashion tools.

On Sunday and Wednesday afternoons in July and August, you can also visit the museum's authentic, working blacksmith shop, see Castine's century-old hearses, and take a guided tour (for a nominal fee) of the John Perkins House (1763-1783).

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Fort Pentagoet, Castine ME

Fort Pentagoet, Castine ME.

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