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Interesting: a New Brunswick (Canada) island that can be reached by land only from the USA that is home to a joint US-Canadian international park in memory of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


A Canadian island with an Italian-sounding name on which an American president spent his summers? These little mysteries are not at all as difficult to solve as one might suppose.

You can visit Campobello Island and Roosevelt Campobello International Park in a day-trip by car from Bar Harbor ME, a 105-mile (169-km), 2.5-hour drive (one-way) or, even easier, stay in Lubec, Maine, just over the border from the island—or stay on the island itself.

Besides the International Park, Campobello Island is the home of New Brunswick's Herring Cove Provincial Park, Head Harbour Lightstation, and the two villages of Welshpool and Wilson's Beach (map).

Bring Your Passport!

Crossing from Lubec to Campobello Island, Canadian Immigration officers will request your passport or passport card to enter Canada and—even more important for US citizens— you will need your passport to re-enter the USA. More...

You're on Atlantic Time!

After crossing the border into the Canadian province of New Brunswick, you'll be on Atlantic Time, one hour ahead of Eastern Time, so when it's 12:00 noon in Maine it's 1:00 pm in New Brunswick.

All the Way Down East

The coastal highway, US 1, winds east and north from Mount Desert Island, Maine (map). You might want to wander south along ME 186 for views of the scenic Schoodic Peninsula. If not, head ever northeastward to Lubec.

When you get to Cobscook Bay, you will have reached the easternmost limits of the United States. Cobscook Bay can boast two state parks, Cobscook Bay State Park and Quoddy Head State Park.

Where to Stay & Dine

Campobello has a few inns and motels, small restaurants, and one fine-dining restaurant.

Although some of the historic summer cottages in Roosevelt Campobello International Park are set up as lodging, they are used only for groups. Individual travelers cannot stay in the park's properties.

Most atmospheric and historic of the inns open to individual travelers is the 9-room Owen House in Welshpool. More...

Among the few small restaurants on Campobello Island, The Fireside stands out as by far the best, a fine-dining establishment in the historic building where Franklin D Roosevelt conceived and broadcast some of his fireside chats. More...

A Bit of History

In 1767 the island, part of Nova Scotia, was granted by Governor William Campbell to Captain William Owen, who added two 'o's to Campbell's surname for exotic flavor and thus named the island in his benefactor's honor.

The province of New Brunswick was not formed until 1784, when large numbers of United Empire Loyalists fled New England to live in King George III's still-loyal dominions to the north. Campobello Island is now part of New Brunswick.

The Roosevelts

James Roosevelt, father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, made Campobello Island his family's summer home in 1883, and the island was important to the family's history for nearly a century. In Roosevelt Campobello Island International Park you can visit the Roosevelt Cottage where Franklin D Roosevelt spent many boyhood summers, and some time when he was President of the United States. More...

Campobello Transportation

Besides the international bridge between Campobello Island and Lubec, in summer there are car ferries connecting Campobello with Deer Island, New Brunswick, from which you can take other ferries to Eastport, Maine, or the New Brunswick mainland at L'Etete in order to reach the delightful resort town of St Andrews by-the-Sea. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Head Harbour (East Quoddy Head) Lighthouse, Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Head Harbour (East Quoddy Head) Lightstation,
Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.


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