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The capital of New Hampshire is a pleasant little city with an appropriate frontier-mountain feeling.



First settled in 1725, the town was called Rumford for the first 40 years. The name later found its way into the title of Count Rumford, inventor of a certain sort of shallow fireplace.

Since 1816 Concord has been the capital of New Hampshire (map). Granite, printing, electrical equipment, and leather goods, as well as a surprisingly small amount of state bureaucracy, keep the town going.

Main Street in the city center is attractive, with historic old 19th- and early 20th-century brick and granite buildings.

Many are filled with lawyers and places for lawyers and legislators to eat lunch, and to relax over drinks and dinner in the evening.

Have a look at the handsome granite State House (capitol).

Across Main Street from the capitol is the wonderful, rebuilt clock tower, and behind the clock tower, down an alley, is the Museum of New Hampshire History in an old granite factory building.

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The Capitol, Concord, New Hampshire

New Hampshire State House
(capitol), Concord NH.

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