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It's the oldest state capitol in the USA in which a legislature still occupies its original chambers.



The New Hampshire State Capitol, called the State House (tel 603-271-2154), 107 North Main Street (map), in the center of Concord NH, was built in 1819 of—you guessed it—New Hampshire granite.

Inside, the state's battle flags and portraits of its notable military commanders are proudly displayed.

A statue of Daniel Webster, one of several native New Hampshire boys who made good on a national scale, stands before the building.

The small size of the State House may surprise you. Compared with the mammoth buildings in Providence RI, Hartford CT, and Boston MA, it seems barely big enough to hold just the governor's staff.

Many of the tax-burdened citizens of other states are lured to New Hampshire every year by the low tax rate, kept low in part by keeping state government small.

You can visit the State House on a self-guided tour anytime Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

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New Hampshire State Capitol, Concord NH

New Hampshire's granite State House:
cozy, but filled with lawyers.


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