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The State Capitol, a president's house, and a Shaker village are high points.



Here are two sources of tourist information for Concord.

State Capitol
The small size of the New Hampshire State House & Visitor Center will surprise you. Compared with the mammoth buildings in Providence, Hartford, and Boston, it seems barely big enough to hold just the governor's staff.

But many of the tax-burdened citizens of other states are lured to New Hampshire every year by the low tax rate, kept low in part by keeping bureaucracy small. More...

Pierce Manse
The big house at the farthest reaches of North Main Street was the family home of Franklin Pierce, 14th president of the United States, from 1842-1848. More...

Canterbury Shaker Village
Besides producing the much-admired Shaker furniture and craft items, the Canterbury Shaker community, 15 miles north of Concord NH, specialized in producing herbs and herbal medicines. More...

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New Hampshire State Capitol, Concord NH

The Capitol, Concord NH.

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